Water on the Rocks

Mighty Mac

Mighty Mac

It is wonderful to see family and it is wonderful to be in the north woods.
Water has been a dominant part of the weather scene.
But that is not all bad.

It is lush and green, and the blueberries are starting to turn purple.
I am hopeful that they will be available by the handful before we leave.

So much of the water has been coming down from the sky.
There were torrents for a bit, but more frequently drips and light rain.

Bars of water on the window

Bars of water on the window

Of course the bigger source of water is the lake.
It is high – or the beach is small, and ever-changing.
And it does seem to be colder than normal, although my ankles have been in for more than just a moment.

The amethyst rock is more exposed than I ever remember.
And at the water’s edge, rather than up by the grass. (It is really not too far from the grass, but it is definitely also near the water.)

Amethyst Rock in the Water

Amethyst Rock in the Water

2 Responses to “Water on the Rocks”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The good part is that you are used to the water coming out of the sky! I’m sure the family times make up for the weather. Say hi to Anne!

    • raincharm Says:

      I will indeed. We have been together at least part of each day – and only a stones throw away when at our home away from homes. If the weather would be a touch warmer, we would certainly be spending time in closer proximity on the beach. In the 50’s today.

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