work, work, work, work, play, work, work, work

I am sure the title to this post reflects a time in most people’s lives.
I was feeling pretty smug (not sure that is the correct word, because it sounds as though I am proud of this state) that I had worked over 100 hours during the last 2-week pay period. I was probably more satisfied that I had accomplished a goal, rather than the amount of time it took me to get there.

Tonight we chatted with both of our kids, separately.
They each, without hearing what the other had said, declared, “I am quite tired. I have been working a 60 hour week.”
I guess I am just a piker with my 50 hour weeks.

Ashlan is working long hours as a newly minted GM for a sandwich store in Manhattan.
Hopefully the hours will get more manageable as she gets a bit more time under her belt.

Rey is working long hours at his new position with the Tennessee Smokies.
Yes, again – for those that follow the bouncing ball – he has retired from being a soda jerk (or milkshake jerk) at a burger joint, to become a concessions person at the ballpark. He was asked to come back to the team to help out while another employee undergoes cancer treatment. The employee is a friend of Rey’s, and his new boss was his old boss when he started with the Smokies, so he wanted to help them out. Rey is well aware of the long hours that come with working for a ball club.  Today was their second game of the season, and a DARE (lots of kids) game. He said he has been doing a lot of payroll activities, expects to run concessions in the suites, but spent today cashiering for the dip-n-dots stand.

This is a seasonal gig for Rey, he told them his last day would be about July 14th. That is when he plans to take a short break, and then head back to school.

While nothing is definite, he has been offered an assistantship by the University of Tennessee.
I am a proud mama.

One Response to “work, work, work, work, play, work, work, work”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That sounds wonderful!! Congrats to both your kids and to you. Isn’t it a shame that our children are so far away though? Alison is in Bellingham but will probably teach abroad next year. I’m not excited because I like having her 2 hours away.

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