Opening Day!

So it is finally opening day. Home opening day that is.
I decided to take the entire day off from work.

So I started by staying at work yesterday until 8 PM.
But that was because the Board approved the 3-year long effort to update our Wastewater Comprehensive Plan!
I don’t hear the cheering – louder now.

My post meeting work time was spent sending out bits and pieces to get this sucker lovely report out the door so others can tear into it.
I noted that a first cousin once removed has just defended her thesis. Congratulations, but don’t think it is the end of being judged.
And the take-away from any of you that might choose to read it (not linked – one of the items I sent out last night was to IT to get it up on the web-site) is to not throw trash – including especially disposable wipes – in the toilet. Use the trash can.

For those that care to follow the wastewater stream, disposable is not the same as dispersible.

Speaking of crap, I spent the early part of my vacation day picking up the rat turds in the squat space (see prior blog post). Fun times.

Back to baseball.

Seattle Mariners 4 – A’s and Angels 2
Not a bad start.
Carl has made it to 50% of the games the Mariners have played this year (2-1), and a Padres game and a Tacoma Rainiers game. If helps that his main kid is in Salt Lake City, so he can roam around looking for games. He has only been on TV once to my knowledge, but we did pick him up in a montage commercial for Root Sports NW.

Carl's Highlight Reel on Root Sports

Carl’s Highlight Reel on Root Sports

And so,  we are now trying to figure out how to get to the game.
Maybe bus, maybe walk, … all very weather dependent.

Of course, part of the fun of Opening Day is seeing people you have not seen since late September.
Time to find all of my Mariner paraphernalia, glove, hat.

As one of my work friends noted:

We Interrupt this Household

to Bring you

Mariner Baseball

True to the Blue.


3 Responses to “Opening Day!”

  1. raincharm Says:

    We did walk, leaving early enough to spend some quality time outside the stadium waiting for the gates to open. But we spent that last hour in a nearby Starbucks watching the rain pour down.
    And I have heard I got some good screen time myself during the game.
    Most importantly, Mariners 5, Angels 3.

  2. jane Says:

    I got Carl’s postcard on Monday – outlining his escapades down in California. Sounds like fun!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Seems like it’s going to be a way better season. Hope so anyway!!

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