The Day After

At least a small amount of the early morning was spent recounting yesterday’s events with co-workers.

Little Russell Wilson

Little Russell Wilson

I am including a few of the funnier bits (that really happened) here, so you can understand Seattle a bit better.

Seattle has a reputation (deserved) for waiting for the walk signal to cross a street. Even in the late night when there is no traffic around. And, yes, the police do issue jay-walking tickets. Here is a short video from Ballard, and another from West Seattle. (The West Seattle intersection is an all-way walk.) And then there was the #HowSeattleRiots twitter feed.

True there were “riots” in Seattle that included burning furniture.
These were close to us, in the frat row area of the U District.
But by the 11 PM news, there was barely a person out in that same area.
Apparently it is time for mid-terms.

Space_Needle to Empire_State

During the game the Space Needle would set off fireworks when ever the Seahawks scored.
As the game wore on, they had to start rationing the fireworks to make sure they did not run out.

Space Needle Celebration

Space Needle Celebration

Bring on the parade
Wednesday. Turns out it is a vacation day!

2 Responses to “The Day After”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I loved those How Seattle Riots tweets. LOL No jaywalking for us! And not recycling our cups or bringing our reusable bags to the store is open defiance. 🙂 I’m always left standing on the curb in places like NYC or LA!

    • raincharm Says:

      Todays crowd was equally polite – generally.
      When the parade had passed we thanked the folks we had been talking to for being such fun parade partners, and they thanked us back.

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