Seahawks 43 – Broncos 8!!!!!

At the risk of changing karma, I am starting the blog now.

It is nearing the end of the 3rd quarter, score – Seahawks 36, Broncos 0.

I am almost starting to feel comfortable, but not quite. Things just don’t always go my/our way, even when it seems they must.


Yesterday was relatively easy for us. We had a plan, and it involved a lot of our energy, so there was no extra to expend worrying.
Today has been much more difficult. Before the game both Carl & I expressed the feeling that we just could not fully function. That is, on anything that required concentration.

BAD-bad-bad. Should I stop? The Broncos just scored a touchdown.

Before the game Carl finished a jigsaw puzzle, we Skyped with Rey and watched a bit of soccer (the other football).

When the game started, Carl saw the opening safety, and departed for the basement to elliptical listening to the radio. This went on for the first half while I made feeble attempts at Sudoku, jumbles and crosswords while watching the video.

The second half has been more jittery in the house. Carl is prowling, and cooking. (Stuffed peppers. We are trying to substitute smashed cauliflower for rice.) And now he is having his beer. (In all truth, I had a bit of Baileys in my third cup of coffee before the game started.)

I think we just want it so much. So much that all of our little superstitions are fully in play.

Back in 2003, the Chicago Cubs were trying to get to the World Series.
They were playing the Marlins.
My sister Jane called, and then the Bartman play happened. (Reached in and tried to catch a fly ball that Moises Alou, the left fielder, was trying to catch. Bartman did not even catch the ball, and wasn’t even the one that truly interfered.)
Since then we do not accept family calls during big games.

Today I have cut off texts from the same sister and a brother-in-law.

With Seattle’s 12th Man being so important to the season, is it any coincidence that the safety was at 12 seconds, and I believe the first score of the 2nd half was also at 12 seconds.

And it is all because Phil chose the Seahawks.

And the cheers and fireworks commence. Really – you can hear the neighborhood.



And now for a few taunts (for our Colorado friends — all in good fun).

Wilson doing the Bronco Stomp

Wilson doing the Bronco Stomp

Owning the Fat Tire (CO Brew)

Owning the Fat Tire (CO Brew)


2 Responses to “Seahawks 43 – Broncos 8!!!!!”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    I noticed a gorgeous sunset out the window behind the couch. I went outside to take a couple of pictures. I come back in, and say facetiously, “did I miss anything?” I look at the scoreboard, and it’s 2-0. What?

  2. Margaret Says:

    I didn’t turn the game on immediately, but was shocked by the 2-0 score when I did. (which I saw on several/many replays) I love a nice, relaxing blow out when it’s my team doing the blowing out and making all kinds of great offensive and defensive plays. A thoroughly enjoyable game. 🙂

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