Worker’s Working

As President’s Day, many folks had the day off. And many more had to take the day off because their kids were out of school.

At my office it is a “floater”. You may take it off as a holiday, or work and save your holiday for another time. The only caveat is that you must take the day before the end of the Calendar year. We have four days like this through the year, originally so that folks could save them to take the days between Christmas and New Years off. [Some companies in this area – especially those that make airplanes and employ large numbers of folks – do not operate during this week, and schools are out, so many are looking for this week as family time.] I usually work on Floaters, but have lost one or two over the years when I could not find time to take off later in the year.

Today I worked part of the day, but not the entire day.
Technically I worked, so still have the floater available for later in the year.
I don’t feel particularly guilty about skipping part of the day because I worked Saturday.
No problem with the 40 hour week bit.

The reason for the partial day was to spend the afternoon with various contractors.
We had scheduled an Energy Audit for the house.
The City has a program where you pay $95 for the audit (which they say would normally cost $400). [The audit contractor did spend about 5 hours at the house, so I know this part was a deal.] They provide a report telling you how to improve the energy efficiency of your house. If you hire the contractor (or another one participating in the program), you are eligible for rebates from both the City and the Power Works program.

Since we were going to be adding insulation and energy-saving features, this was a no-brainer for us. It will save us from having to track down and figure out rebate potential.

In addition to the auditor, our general contractor and architect showed up with a window person. We were hoping to get the furnace guy as well, but he apparently had a conflict. The window person is going to provide quotes for window improvements that will free our double hung to working shape again, add a second pane (slip) on the outside and a few other points I don’t recall. We are getting quotes on all the windows and will pare down to what is affordable later.

I can see many decisions looming on the horizon.

The current date for starting the real work is mid-April.
That means that our real work starts (continues) now!
Scary and exciting, all at the same time.

2 Responses to “Worker’s Working”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We had that energy audit done at our other house and got a really good deal on windows. I need to do it in THIS house since I know some of our windows aren’t closing properly. Stupid plastic windows.

    • raincharm Says:

      Good to get a positive reply. It was interesting to listen to the auditor (insulator) guy and the window guy debating the pros and cons of the windows merits.

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