Few days passing

Movie: Somewhere in here we rented a movie, but I can’t remember which day, which doesn’t really matter anyway. It was  Finding Neverland, a telling of the creation of the Peter Pan story. This would have to be classified in the “Chic flick” category, but we both enjoyed in none-the-less. It was recommended by a friend who enjoyed the scenes of young brothers, putting on a show, which apparently rang true to his youth. Carl really enjoyed the liberation and transformation of imagination into a story, which is how he spends much of his work time.  

Valentines Day: We had started the earlier part of the week with a heart-shaped meatloaf. Heart shaped food continued to be a theme for this year. Breakfast was essentially a rendering of the normal food into a heart shape. Sugar beets made an appearance in the juice of the day – for the red color.

A Full of Beans Valentine

A Full of Beans Valentine

Lunch – I should have taken pictures, but you will have to use your imagination here. Meatloaf – cut in the shape of a heart. Peanuts, with a note claiming, “I am nuts about you.” A bed of blueberries topped by an apple cut in the shape of a heart. A hard-boiled egg with stickers proclaiming love affixed to the shell. And yogurt. Come to think of it, there was nothing special done to the yogurt.

Dinner included this strawberry spread. (I ate the “I” part of the message before snapping the pic.)

(Even the strawberries are in the heart shape-of-the-day)

(Even the strawberries are in the heart shape-of-the-day)

At least the day left me well fed.

Friday Night: We decided to recreate college days – but whose college days?
We obtained to more traditionally college-aged youth (Ashlan’s friends) and found a nearby bar. Walking in I recreated entrance into the smoky bars of my college days. Except there is no smoking in Seattle bars, so I had to rely on my glasses fogging. We eventually found a table and had a pint or two. Well, the younger generation had a pint or two. I had a “small” beer, and Carl kept to his limit on carbs. It was great to see the girls and catch up a bit. So much fun that we closed the bar! Well, we got home about 1 AM – much later than I have been out for a while.

It is now Saturday morning – and I am at work. (And almost ready to start work.) Thanks to Caitlin for getting me roused out of bed and starting my day at a reasonable hour.

One Response to “Few days passing”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wow–that’s amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever made any heart shaped
    food in my life. (nor could I probably stay up until 1) 🙂

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