Super Day

Of course today is the Super Bowl.
But not for a while yet.

Yesterday was a work day (for me).
I chose Saturday because today is Super Sunday.
I had some specific tasks to work on.

When I need to start a big project, I have to start by organizing.

When I do the dishes, I get them staged to one side of the sink. Neatly stacked.
Then I work my way through them.
[ This is opposite of Carl’s all over the place method – throw them all in the sink, no real order.]

So the first step I had back into my mega-project was to organize the bits of paper scattered around my office. This morphed into cleaning my office. I think I threw out two waste baskets full of paper – at least. And rearranged some bits here and there. And ordered some more. Based on dates it has been since sometime in 2011 that I last cleaned my office.

I am now staged to work on the mega-project, but not much got done on the project itself – yesterday.

Today I plan to try again to make some progress.
While watching listening to the run-up to the BIG GAME.

I got up early to take a few friends to the airport, so off to a start (although blogging is definitely not working). But it does get my brain activated and engaged – a good thing.

I have also decided I am rooting for the Ravens.
SF is in our division (I think), but my decision is based on the homophobic comments of one of their players, and the lack of decisive response from his teammates against his comments.

Not a very football reason.
OK – I like purple a lot more than red and yellow.

I hope you enjoy the game, food, commercials or avoidance strategy if the game is not on your agenda for the day.


One Response to “Super Day”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    What do you mean that blogging is not work?

    I suppose if you only post once a week … šŸ˜‰

    I think that blogging would be my dream job. I could live in my parent’s basement and blog all day, except that there is no basement there.

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