Scattered – Calm

Yesterday was my scattered day.

I felt truly scattered yesterday.
Almost from the moment I got up.
The morning routine things were just not falling into place.
Simple things – like take the bath mat out of the bathtub after the shower.
Important things – like take your coffee cup with you when the car-pooler arrives.
(He did allow me to go back into the house and retrieve the cup.)

Work did not improve the situation.
I did get a few things done for a few customers – right away. I am sure they appreciated the effort.
But the big projects lagged even further behind.

I was trying to keep energy to finish said day project that night, but to calm down at the same time.

And I just felt so scattered.


This morning I forgot to brush my teeth, and thought it was going to be a repeat of yesterday.
After using a toothbrush I keep at work, the day improved.

Ended with yoga.
And calm.

2 Responses to “Scattered – Calm”

  1. jane Says:

    nothing beats time at the beach!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Hate forgetting to brush my teeth! Yuck.

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