It is still an exercise room

A bit past noon on Sunday.
I am already tired, and not yet done with the days efforts.
This is partly a hangover from yesterdays work as well.
I am not Carl, so I did not count the number of bags of drywall debris I wrestled with yesterday.

The architect paid a short visit last night to look at our hole in the wall.
It is even visible from the outside.
Carl could see it readily due to it being night, with light shining from the inside out.
This morning I took a picture. It is the dark area next to the bit of pipe, behind the vegetation I was too lazy to move. (Tired.)

Hole in the house

Hole in the house

We also found another hole in the basement wall – but this one went to the space under the concrete porch.
Who knew it was hollow.
Perhaps another new storage location?

Yesterday we did succeed in getting the drywall out of the room of exercise.
But we were not quite ready to get the floor job going, but to get the wall framing down.

Closet area - walls gone

Closet area – wall and framing gone

So we are now down to a pile of wood on the floor.

Wood pile - next task

Wood pile – next task

And electrical suspended in various places.
That is the closet light switch in the vent, the exercise room of exercise hanging in front, the 2 electrical outlets are looped over beams.

Electrical suspension

Electrical suspension

The floor is still in place, and will be the next challenge.
Carl lifted one edge, and the entire piece was coming up; tile, asbestos-laden mastic, plywood backing, frame underneath the plywood and all. We will need to figure out how to attack this next. Maybe start in the closet area which has the possibility of being separate from the rest of the room.

This is what I looked like for at least a portion of the time.
The face mask (P100 rating) was fogging up both my glasses and the goggles, so I eventually took the goggle off.
But I was not doing too much truly dusty work.

Fully attired

Fully attired

Oh – and I have discovered my favorite tool.
Sort of a small cats paw. It is wonderful for getting out all of those nails put in at odd angles, and pounded well into the wood.

Thanks TEd

Thanks TEd

Finally – on my trip to the hardware store (bags, broom, safety glasses) I spotted this gem.
(Even if the election is long over now, it made me smile.)



One Response to “It is still an exercise room”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Jay and Carl, I don’t remember if you will be doing any bathroom renovations, but here’s a tip if you are. Buy (or find) a piece of 5/8″ or even 3/4″ plywood. You want the size to be just a little less than the length of the bathrub opening, and just the width, or a smidge more. I used one of these while prepping and painting the bathroom this summer. I taped plastic over the drain, and then laid the board across the tub edges. It was sturdy enough that I could stand on it to scrape over the tub, and it prevented most of the detritus from getting into the tub. Best of all, when I was just doing prep work, it could be moved out at the end of the work day, so the shower was available.

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