Quick update and a review

The quick update:

Carl has made real progress on the walls.
They are all down (not all of the studs, but all of the wall board).
As I speak he is downstairs breaking wall board into smaller pieces.

The closet

The closet

The alcove by the garage door

The alcove by the garage door

bottom of the chimney

bottom of the chimney

More of the closet

More of the closet

My job is to go get them bagged, double bagged, and then out of the work area.

Next up will be the flooring. We will have to see how far that effort gets today.

A Review.
After getting home last night we went out for a walk (4 miles) and some errands.
One of the errands was to stop at Scarecrow Video.

The movie we got was, “Beasts of the Southern Wild.”

As this is a quick post (Carl is downstairs wailing away at drywall, and I am not) I will just say it was very interesting, and we both enjoyed it quite a bit.

Oh – and as we were watching the show our dinner included some excellent smoked salmon a friend had brought by. Caught less than a month ago I believe. Ymmmmm.

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