Post-thanksgiving coma

We had a wonderful time this Thanksgiving.
We ended up with a group that has been gathering together for a few decades.
It was quite the experience. Just a really nice group of people.

So nice and relaxing that we forgot we had another commitment that night.
We were supposed to take the car to the shop for its 5000 mile check-up.
They do a key-drop, and just fit the car in sometime during the day. Pick-up in the late afternoon.

There was a Black Friday service special, and my car was due – so Kismet.

A bit before noon Carl picked up the phone, and realized there was a reminder message (from yesterday).
Red-faced I called the shop, and they said to bring it in anyway.

So – our shopping today, has been to the car store.
And the return trip will likely be our last shopping move of the day as well.

We do have plans for this evening – Brandi Carlisle with the Seattle Symphony.
And after the show we can cruise downtown and see the newly lit holiday lights.
I had considered trying to be downtown early for the actual lighting  ceremony – but it is raining.
We will wait for a dryer year.

For now – we will watch the Apple Cup, and be warm and dry.
(As it stands UW 7, WSU 3, but WSU is driving and deep in Husky territory.)

One Response to “Post-thanksgiving coma”

  1. Rey Says:

    Can’t believe the Huskies blew that one.

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