Endings, Beginnings and Thanksgivings

We have the good fortune to be spending our Thanksgiving dinner with friends and friends of friends later today.
Since we are only making a portion of the meal, we took advantage of a sun (really a non-rain) break to take a walk.
The primary goal was a hot latte. (We have found that Seattle coffee shops are generally open on Thanksgiving. To a point. Usually early or mid-afternoon.)

Since neither of the kids have been spending copious amounts of time in town recently, we are providing a few updates to some neighborhood sites.

First up a new beginning. Really a delayed new beginning. This was a big hole in the ground for several years. An idea, paused for the economic blip, now an idea once again.

One block off of Green Lake

Second up – both an ending and beginning. The QFC that for years was our closest grocery store, home of breakfast goodies and coffee stop. Kroger’s takeover of the brand and subsequent quality decrease and price increase cut the frequency of our visits. It is now slated to be the light rail station nearest our house. It will be several years still, but I am excited at the prospect.

Roosevelt – Eat, Shop, Dine and DESTROY

Next up – just south of the QFC site. I have a feeling this building will be going away soon as well. Transit oriented development for folks that use the light rail. For now, it is taking on the latest incarnation. (Some more detailed history here of the prior long-term tenant.)

I wonder if any of the boxer’s think they are on Cloud 9?

3rd shot of this intersection – like a phoenix, rising from the ashes of the Scarlet Tree. Can’t believe it took so many years.

Retail below, living above.

Finally – one of the things I am most thankful for.


Now it is time to work on our pumpkin themed food.

4 Responses to “Endings, Beginnings and Thanksgivings”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We went out to coffee today too and Older Daughter(a surprise visitor from CA) got into my chocolate bars!! I guess I can share. 🙂

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    I’m confused by the second-to-last (the penultimate?) picture. A well-known Seattlite out for a non-rain stroll, with a latte in hand. Yet he looks grumpy?

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