Finally, it’s here

Even though we do not get to go to the polls, I find myself energized this morning.
There are races I feel deeply about, and others, not so much. I even found myself thinking, if this one wins – I could take a loss in that one.
In our state, I think the one I care most about is approving gay marriage. 

We had a door hanger placed on our house between 6:20 and 6:45 AM.
It shows how committed many folks are to their cause, and trying to make sure very body votes.

I am very proud of the folks I know that have been out canvassing these last several weeks. In particular, kudos to my sister Anne – who always sets a good example. And to our friend Ann in Colorado, who has been going out daily in that swing state, and will continue through today.
(Maybe it is something in the name.)

 In many areas, on certain topics, every vote really does count.
In 2004 our Governor’s race was decided by 133 votes.

The Governor’s seat is again up for election, with the incumbent retiring, and too close to call. We are assuming a recount will be required once again.

 If you have not – please get out and vote.

 Partly because we do not expect all of the important races to be decided tonight, we are going for a dvd marathon.

Season 2 of Downton Abbey is our first choice, assuming it is available at the video store. (Mind you, this will probably slop over into the weekend, but we plan to get through at least a few episodes.)

And say goodbye to all of those ads!

One Response to “Finally, it’s here”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad to get this over with! I have the first season and haven’t watched it yet. I’m afraid I’ll get addicted and have no time for that!

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