A Guest Blog of Sorts

This was an e-mail from NYC received Sunday 11/4/2012 in the AM – from Ashlan.
In her own words. (For those challenged by textese, b/c = because)

I’m home with power now but still no heat/hot water/internet so my phone remains my only form of communication. The trains started running to union square yesterday as well so getting home from uptown is much more pleasant. No more insanely crowded buses with a huge backpack woohoo!
I managed to work 35 hours this week (thanks in large part to an 11 hour shift I worked yesterday 😛
so not too shabby.

For the forseeable future I will be working at 24th and park.
I’ve never been there before but I have worked with Brian the GM and he’s a pretty cool guy so I’m happy. There was talk of me going to 30 Rock so I’m very thankful that didn’t end up happening.
I’m going to brunch with some friends this morning b/c frisbee was cancelled b/c the park is still not open. Can’t wait for life to be fully normal again but for now I’m gonna enjoy the eggs benedict. 🙂

And a few of her pictures from the Stone and Broad store to boot.

The Stone & Broad web-page on 11-4-2012

Looking at the pictures it appears that the water did not get to the upper part of the wall.
But perhaps that is partly due to the wall/floor separation that allowed an alternate to rising higher.
Water is a powerful beast.

A window blown in.

The wall disconnected from the floor, allowing water to drain down to the business below.

The dining room.

The heavy line equipment, flipped.

In the end – her life is moving forward, with many inconveniences, but not bad compared to what many others have gone through. If you have not already, and have the resources, consider a donation to the Red Cross.

One Response to “A Guest Blog of Sorts”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t believe the damage, but as you said, water is extremely powerful AND HEAVY. Glad that life is getting a bit back to normal there.

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