Low Point to High Point

Wednesday was our most touristy day in NYC.
It really did go from lows to highs.
Starting at the 9-11 Memorial, with the fountains going deep into the ground.
Ending at the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building.

When Wednesday started depends on your point of view.

Rey & Carl actually started Wednesday in Baltimore.
Their first hours were on a bus, dozing.
They arrived back at Ashlan’s apartment just before 6 AM.

Ashlan’s day started with letting them in.

Everybody’s morning continued with a bit more slumber, until timed events beckoned.

Our first stop of the day was the 9/11 Memorial.

Entering the site everyone is subjected to airline type security, minus the full body scan. A group of secret service folks entered (from a separate gate) about the same time as we did. This show of force did not seem to attract undo attention from the crowd. Perhaps this is normal for New York, especially when the UN is in session.

The South Pool – try to use the people for scale.

The North Pool

I found the water intriguing. (But I always have.) The fine edge at the top seemed indicative of I.M. Pei’s windows design for the World Trade Center.

The sheer number of the names can give one pause.

There is one tree known as the Survivor Tree. I am not sure it is in its original location, but is meaningful none-the-less.

The 9-11 Museum – not open just yet.

One of the new towers under construction.

After we left the memorial, we took a walk along the waterfront. I believe this is the Hudson River. Lots of boats, but no airplanes.

The day was cloudy, but we did manage to skip the rain showers.

We had lunch at the Chipotle next to Battery Park.
The line was long, but met Ashlan’s prediction of 10 minutes until we had food in our hands. (Yes this is chain food, but it was fast – and basically healthy, and filling.) Carl wondered if the Seattle version of this restaurant would match them for speed. We actually dined in Battery Park. With the pigeons.

Next stop was the ferry, first stop – the Statue of Liberty.

I just found the different views of buildings interesting, throughout this trip.


The boat was fairly crowded. The trip started with most people seated, until the statue came into view.

Statue herself.

The last time I was at the Statue of Liberty was in 1964.
I am sure we went to the lookout, and I seem to remember climbing up to the torch.
Spiral staircase? Can I get a confirmation on this 48-year old memory please.

The statue itself was closed to the public, so after a walk around the island we moved back to the ferry.

Next stop – Ellis  Island.
I do not remember Ellis Island from 1964, so perhaps we did not make this stop.

We spent considerably more time here, enjoying the exhibits.

Back to Battery Park, and home for a brief breather and refresher.
We had Avocado Pizza for dinner. It was delicious (which I spelled delishis initially), but also a bit deadly.

The evening’s primary entertainment – a show on Broadway.
We saw Wicked, at the Gershwin Theater.

It was fabulous.
At the end I really felt like I had checked something off of my bucket list. Which is funny, because I don’t have a bucket list.

We set out on foot after the show. New York’s finest Mounted Police at Times Square.

Next up was the Empire State Building.

Apparently this is a popular stop for 11 PM on a Wednesday.
The line for the elevator from floor 80 to 86 was so long, they said those that wanted to take the stairs instead, could. So we did.

Looking up from the 86th floor observation deck.

The leftmost blue spire is where the New Year’s Ball drop is done.

Another view from the 86th floor, with the Chrysler Building.

Last 86th floor picture.

We splurged and bought tickets to both the 86th floor and 102nd floor (1 floor from the top). The 102nd views were, well, higher.

Another view from 102.

And one more.

My attempt to get both the family and the city lights.

The attendant took a picture of the whole family together, using his handy light source, which helped with the interior/exterior contrast. (I felt like I was at the optometrist.)

Finally home, or rather Ashlan’s apartment. On the Q to the L.

5 Responses to “Low Point to High Point”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Sounds and looks like a great vacation!

  2. Ashlan Says:

    two corrections: 1. dad and rey got back from baltimore tuesday pre-mets game. 2. ARTICHOKE pizza

    Other than that great post =)

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    Wow. My favorite shot at the Empire State Building is the Art Deco interior shot with the metal grill.

  4. Margaret Says:

    As your daughter said, wonderful post. I was SO excited about that mythical avocado pizza though. You did so many things that I still want to do in NYC. I explored a lot of the city, but Ashley and I only made it to the 9-11 preview, not the actual memorial. We probably spent to much time in coffee shops. 🙂 Love the city and want to go back. On my bucket list!

  5. jane Says:

    I also remember a spiral staircase in the Statue of Liberty, but I was only 2 at the time, so who knows. AND I saw the globe from the world’s fair as we were approaching LaGuardia on the way in. It was raining when I left yesterday, so didn’t see much of anything. 😉

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