Mets (not the MET) – Tuesday Part 3

It is Friday evening, and I am still working on Tuesday.
Hopefully I will have some time to progress on this still tonight, or remember it all for a bit longer.

So this post is about Tuesday evening.

Our primary activity was a Mets game at Citi Field.

The route to Citi Field involved 3 subway lines. This alone is enough to sway Ashlan towards Yankee games.

Batting practice for us lasted about three batters again. The gates are only open 1-1/2 hours before gametime, and we were not waiting at the gates when they opened. We were also frisked upon entry.

Rey and Carl at BP

The food choices were much better than Yankee Stadium. They even had a gluten-free stand.
The stand below was the Shake Shack. Ashlan said they had good burgers, and they did have the longest line.

Citi Field –

Pre-game festivities

Spent a bit of time getting some different view points

You can see our seats to the left of the scoreboard

A closer view of the scoreboard.

The view from our seats.

from our seats in left field

Our seats were in the third row of left center.
The first two rows were super premium at twice the price.
The ushers were initially diligent about checking our tickets for the correct section, at least 3 sets of people sat in the same “Premium” seats in front of us. I doubt any of them actually owned the tickets.
Then there was a small lower picnic section in front of the “first” row.

Essentially, we were near the front, but it felt much further from home plate than our Safeco Field seats. Citi Field has a big outfield.

Today’s (Tuesday’s) line-up

Pittsburgh Pirates vs New York Mets

It was also WINDY in left field. This made this event the first time we looked for our outer-wear.

How’s my hair?

Are we having fun yet?

The wind may have helped with the four home runs. (We were close to this celebratory fruit.)

The Home Run BIG APPLE

I was actually not too cold, with 3 layers.
Carl did not get cold until the 9th inning.
Ashlan and I were not there to witness this event, as we left shortly after the 7th inning stretch.
It had been a long day, including work for Ashlan, and home seemed like a good place to head towards.

Not quite sure why there is a big pig in the concourse.

On our way home we stopped off at Grand Central Station.

Grand Central Terminal

The above is a repeat picture, but it really was the close (picture wise) to Tuesday.

And the Mets lost, but  I can’t quite remember the score. Possibly 8-6 (unverified)

2 Responses to “Mets (not the MET) – Tuesday Part 3”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your photos really make me miss NYC, although I am loving Ashley’s part of LA and the laid back vibe. (plus the beach) Looks like a great time!!

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Were you hoping for a flash-mob dance scene when you went through Grand Central? I know we were 3 years ago, but the viral video had just recently happened then.

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