Night out

Yesterday night started as a sunny evening.
In the sun I was warm.
As soon as the sun set I was looking for my sweatshirt, a sure sign of the approaching change of seasons. A few months ago I published a picture of our bat garden.


It has been growing well over the summer, along with the weeds.


Another sign is that Rey’s team has most likely played their last home game of the season.

At work it feels like work is accelerating toward . . . . something.
Maybe the departure of my assistant, riding off in to the proverbial sunset, has set me to thinking.

And so the sun set behind the walls of the stadium, and the Mariner game began.

Not much going for the Mariners in last nights game.
It was long, and low scoring (for the Mariners anyway).

On the positive, there was a family of three from Orange County sitting next to us. They were nice folks, and good to chat with through the game. Cheering for their team, but not overly obnoxious about it (as many routing for the visiting team can be). Their 3-year old was non-stop energy. I have seen many children over the years, and this kid was on a different level than most. The father allowed that the child would stay up to 1 AM at times, so they took to driving him around in the car to get him to fall asleep. He said that after being pulled over a few time (“What are you doing out at this hour sir”), the cops would just wave and smile.

The game finally ended and we headed to the car.
Only, the battery was dead. Apparently there was some time spent pre-game with lights on and radio going before the game.
Luckily for us we had recently decided to join AAA. I had made the call, and didn’t even try to meet the folks parked in front of us when they returned. The car was started by a friendly AAAer, and we were off. Hopefully it will start again this AM!

Yesterday was also a Blue Moon, sort of. Read this article for a bit of interesting history of the current use of the term. Much easier to remember the 2 moons in one month, but the other explanation is more interesting.

And with that I must get myself ready to head to work.

Carl is heading to the Mariner game a bit later.
Felix Hernandez is pitching again, and he and a few neighbors (father/son team) are going to join the Felix K Section. This is a view of the poster from the last Felix game.


3 Responses to “Night out”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the bat garden! I don’t know if I’ve ever told you, but my husband has a Mike Blowers bat, given to him by Mike when he did the stairway in his house. (which Mike thought was beautiful) I missed the blue moon!!

  2. jane Says:

    I’m going to the Tigers game tonight – Verlander vs. Sale.

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