This work week has been just a little off of normal.
There have been many vacations.


My first inclination was, “Good, I will be able to get some of MY work done without them interrupting.”
The reality is that covering for them while they are gone takes time. My work? Back-burnered.


The number of people at work has been diminishing each day.
And then my assistant’s last day is today.
It just gets quieter and quieter.
If feels like the office is just closing up.

Maybe this is what retirement would feel like.
Just slowing down to a complete standstill.

I don’t really fantasize about retirement, yet.
But there are the occassional moments when I think, “Wouldn’t it be nice to just take off and do _______ for a few days.”


I predict Tuesday will be a madhouse.
Vacation reports, coverage reports back, and a Board meeting to boot.

Until then – nose back to the quiet grindstone.

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