Who’s idea was this anyway!?!

OK – it was mine.

My idea was to walk down to Lake Washington at I-90, watch the Blue Angels air show, and then walk back downtown to see the Sounders take on the LA Galaxy (with Beckham). Total distance of around 10 miles. 7+ to I-90, and 2.5 to the Stadium.

Carl’s foot is improving, but it is not perfect. But he was game to give it a try.
Oh – and the temperatures were to be in the 90’s.

The Seafair Air show takes place over Lake Washington. The focus is just south of the I-90 bridge (which is closed during the shows). This is also the location of the Hydros races.

We got off to a pretty good start. At three miles we were feeling good.

Yes – we had water

my turn

All of the boats in the background are going in the same direction

The lake was packed with boats.

Seattle has more boats per capita than anywhere else in the USA

The first group is basically there for the air show. They are on the wrong side of the bridge to see the hydros.

Log boom – making the Hydro circuit

The log boom is the place to be to see both planes and fast boats.

We did see the planes, although my phone is not the best for photographing things that move really fast.
I had several blue sky shots, and a few with the planes nosing into the tree near the edge of the frame. Here are a few of my better attempts.

4 planes

The 4 plane grouping

5 planes

5 Angels

6 planes

6 planes in a triangle

Big Bertha (overheard from a 6 year old, “That plane carries the parts for the Blue Angels”)

Big Bertha

All I can say is if you are in a place where the planes are being used for more than just show – by the time you hear them, it would be too late to do anything about it.

There are no pictures of us at the end of our 10 miles.
The last mile took a long time, because I had to sit and cool down first.
We went out to dinner – which seemed to help.

And then stood for 2 more hours at the soccer game.

Carl managed fine, and I have recovered. And the Sounders won 4-0.

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  1. Ashlan Says:

    I like the shirt!

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