Slept in – finally

Our return to reality has not been as smooth as some.
I put the cause, at least in part, to sleep pattern disruption.

Today, finally, I was allowed to sleep until I woke up. And it was only 8 AM, so not too bad.

Today has and is the day to catch up on mail, bills, and potentially most important – voting.
There is an election on Tuesday.
(Who knew? Well, I know my sisty-ugler was aware as it marked the end to her northern vacation.)
And in King County they urge you to vote early and often. At least early. And all by mail (or drop site). The voters’ pamphlet states

“Return your completed ballot as early as possible.
Not only will more results be available to report on election night, but we’ll have more time to connect with you if we have difficulty verifying your signature. Returning ballots as early as possible also helps us save tax dollars by keeping election costs down.”

I am not sure how I feel about this push to vote. It could reduce the time you take to make a decision, and you would not be able to consider late breaking information on a candidate or issue. And, most importantly, the candidates do not stop their incessant advertisements and robo-calls early.

We are voting near the end this time, but only because we were out of town when the ballots arrived. (I still read most of the pamphlet. The primary is always more interesting for those one-issue candidates that take their opportunity to put it out there for all to read.
I miss the polling places. It was an event that made you know you were part of the picture, especially for the big elections.

Now on to more mundane activities, like balancing the checkbook.

All of this done to the roar of the Blue Angels.
Tomorrow I am going to make an effort to be outside during the show.

One Response to “Slept in – finally”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hard to adjust to time changes the older we get. I’m glad to have Ashley back on the West Coast. I will miss NYC though.

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