Quick Note

I have not posted for a few days, and there has been a lot to share.
But not a lot of time to focus on sharing.

Well, there was one evening I spent home alone, but it ended up being mostly decompressing, and watching a soccer game. [And when I was watching the soccer game, I could not multi-task because I was watching it on the computer, and my screen is just not big enough to enjoy a soccer game AND write a post.]

And I am getting ready to start the work day – so this must be quick.

But I did not want to miss (although I already have) my significant other’s birthday.

Which was yesterday. The short version –> A visit to the Space Needle picture booth, a walk down to the stadium, a ballgame, and a film showing with friends.

And Cake.

Happy Birthday Carl

(It is the Church of Baseball – and it was even Sunday, although the day of the week is really superfluous.)

2 Responses to “Quick Note”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to Carl!!

  2. jane Says:

    Happy Birthday! hope you enjoyed ‘church’.

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