Home Again

Just a brief post as we try to figure out what time it really is, and adjust to the fact that tomorrow is a work day.

Seattle is just a bit cooler than the places we have been.
At least 20 and closer to 30 degrees cooler.

The trip home was pretty uneventful.
Normally I read on the plane, but today our trip coincided with the UEFA Cup Semi-final match between Spain and Portugal. (Soccer) The game started shortly after we took off, but did not quite have time to be completed before we landed. This was because after the Full 90 (minutes), the score was tied 0-0. They had played most of the 1st overtime half, but not the 2nd.

Watching futbol really makes the flight go quickly. The game could have been better. Lots of starting and stopping. I usually root for Spain, but I would have taken either team after the end of regular time. Towards the end of the game I was being distracted by scenes like this.

Mt. Rainier

This was after watching Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens pass by in the somewhat further distance.

I did not get pictures as we were taking off and heading north from Denver.
Initially we could see the huge clouds of smoke rising from the Colorado Springs area. As we went north we were able to catch a bit of the Ft. Collins area smoke. On the shuttle ride down we could see smoke rising above the Flat Irons outside of Boulder.

[We watched the remainder of the game once we got home, on replay. SPOILER ALERT: Spain won in penalty kicks. As I said, I thought had stopped rooting for Spain, but when Portugal’s Bruno ?, hit the post and his shot went wide, I was happy. This could be because I did not particularly care for his style of play throughout the game. Or perhaps I just never stopped rooting for Spain, but simply disappointed that their play was not up to par.]

One Response to “Home Again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the view flying home to Seattle on clear days. The water and Olympics can be breathtaking also. Is a relief to have it 30 degrees cooler or are you wearing sweaters now? 😉

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