Tennessee – It’s HOT here

Luckily, we have been able to be in the shade most of the time.

Rey’s work schedule is something like mine, only more so.
And his is largely dictated by – the team is in town, or the team is out of town.

Right now – the team is in town.
Today was the 10th game of the homestand.
There is no game tomorrow, but the Smokies are hosting the Southern League AA All Star Game on Tuesday. So – tomorrow is all about finishing getting ready for that event. And a Gala in the evening.

The Gala is not supposed to be a press or fan event. It is for the players and coaches, etc to gather, enjoy each other’s company and relax. The Smokie’s staff also gets to participate, er work, er be there. The staff are allowed to bring their spouse. We are standing in for Rey’s spouse.

One of Rey’s duties is to be in charge of Bus #2. This will be taking the players and other associated folks from the Wilderness (some sort of Inn) to the Neyland Field Stadium (at University of Tennessee). Part of the reason we are being allowed to help him with this duty is that we have a smart phone. Maps, it appears, may need to be accessible to assist the bus driver.

We are more than willing to take that role.
There is also a possibility that if the Smokies closer is on Rey’s bus (leaving at 10:00 PM), we will be ferrying him from the Wilderness back to his long stay hotel.

This would be in Vinnie, the 1998 Corolla, we purchased for Rey a few years back. Vinnie now has almost 200,000 miles, and is showing her age. But I guess being chauffeured in a ratty old car are part of the dues you pay in the minor leagues.

I was going to post some pictures, but cell phone service in Rey’s apartment is almost non-existent, and they haven’t made the 20 foot trip from my phone to the computer. I will add them when they become available – so stay tuned for updates.

The most interesting picture is from Rey’s church. Carl & I attended with Rey this morning. (Stop laughing.) And we almost brought the building down (needs a picture here).

Turns out that a bus being used by the church took an unauthorized trip across the parking lot one night last week. Bus met the wall, and a few of the pews inside. What the bus managed to do was aim well. It went right between two stained glass windows.

2 Responses to “Tennessee – It’s HOT here”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like HOT, but the stories sound interesting, especially if photos are included!!

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    You may want to find the map for the bus ride when you have service, so it will already be loaded in case The Wilderness Inn is in an iffy area for cells.

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