6 for None

Well, since the last post things have been busy.

For me – one word can describe the last few days.

That is where I am right now as well, but I get to talk a few minutes to bring you up to date on our life.

I love the days leading up to summer.
I was driving home Thursday night between 8 and 8:30, and the sun was still over the horizon.
Yesterday (Friday) night I was driving home around 9 and the sky was still light. And just lit the clouds and sky with gorgeous colors. Not the striking lines, but a diffused glow. (Sorry, no pictures. I was driving.)

Carl missed the sunset.
He was at a Mariners game.
Oh – and it was a No-Hitter.

Second time the Mariners have been involved in a no-hitter this season.


I had been listening to the game at work, but not paying too strict attention.
I knew it was 0-0.
As I got into the car, the announcers were noting that the Mariner pitcher, Millwood, looked like he was going to leave the game – at the start of the 7th inning. Obviously some sort of injury.

While waiting for Furbush to warm up, I was sure the Dodgers were going to jump on the change.
And with a 2-base error to start the inning, I was even more sure.
Good thing I am a poor prognosticator.  

Carl called from the bullpen area in the 8th to try to get word to the seats to put on the Wilhelmsen helmets. I think they got the text, but were too superstitious to change anything, including their head-dress.

And for whatever reason – it all worked, and 6 pitchers combined for the win including:

  • Millwood – the veteran, who did the bulk of the work, only allowed one base-runner – a walk to the first batter he faced.
  • Furbush – started with a 2-base throwing error, but recovered for 2 strikeouts
  • Pryor – got the win after only one week in the majors, was in AA at the start of the year, (played against Rey’s team). Finished the 7th, but issued 2 walks in the 8th to make it interesting.
  • Luetge – Sac bunt – hey, an out is an out.
  • League – Got some help from Figgins to keep the base-runners at 2nd and 3rd, followed by a key strikeout of Gwynn.
  • Wilhelmsen – the former bartender and helmet (drop the horns and add a nasal) fan got the save.

OK – I wasn’t at the game, and following the re-cap will help me when folks ask me about the game. (They often assume I am aware of all things Mariner.)

Back to playing with numbers.

One Response to “6 for None”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That no-hitter was amazing! I like the light too, but not when trying to go to bed early. I’m thankful for the black out blind in our bedroom. Working on a Saturday?

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