History revealed

This evening we took an hour and went to the MOHAI (Museum of History & Industry)Farewell Montlake event.  You see the museum is moving from near University of Washington to south of Lake Union – in a historical Armory building. The museum is in kind of an out-of-the way location right now, but that is not why it is moving. The rebuilding of SR 520 (or one of its ramps) will wipe the current building off of the map. The new location is in an area that is developing with bio-tech and high-tech now. Amazon is one of the newer residents, after relocating from south Seattle.

Today we were allowed, within limits, to wander into the rooms where they prepare exhibits, and store off-exhibit items. It was kind of fun, and we got to see what a real packing operation looks like. (Our packing is strictly amateur.)

Let’s start with the building itself.

Drinking Fountain with an attitude

For the airplane builder in the family.

Boeing’s original Builder

Another pic that reminded us of the St. Louis contingent.

A true Big Wheel

You never know what you might find hanging in the basement.

For drawing really big circles

The tree belonging to this slice started growing in 1177.

700 plus year old tree slice. Born in 1177.

Close-up of the bark

A bit of the bark – really thick bark. (Can bark have growth rings?)

This is what packing should look like.

Feel like Indiana Jones? (Boat steering wheel)

This is what packing does look like.

Ok – I’m history.

2 Responses to “History revealed”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Well, get out a big fat marker and write “CRATE” on one of your boxes. There, now it’s so much more professional!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never heard of that museum; it looks very interesting! I didn’t know that about Boeing. I pack like you pack. I’m no professional.

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