Bracketology revisited

Here is our family bracket – as it currently stands.

Family Bracket

Ashlan is the only one without a team in the Final Four.
Rey has Louisville.
Jay has Oh How I Hate Ohio State.
Carl has … Well, we don’t know who Carl has, but he has two teams playing tomorrow against each other.
And Ashlan has to pin her hopes on the Yellow Bellied Baylors, against Jay’s Kentucky.

Spent a good part of today working, but included a lunch with Carl.
And now, I get to spend more time with him. (Yeah – that is a good thing)

For a report on yesterday’s activities – work for both, and then the Sounders game.
Sounders beat the Houston Dynamo 2-0. It was a fun game, and it did not rain.

The daffodils are starting to show their colors, just a hint.

2 Responses to “Bracketology revisited”

  1. Ashlan Says:

    oh how hilarious it will be if you win with ohio st…

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