Day 5 and into Day 6

Day 5 dawned with no snow falling.
Rain had finally started.

Rain just starting as I went out for the - not delivered - newspaper

This meant the chance for work was high.

Waiting for my carpool

Carl did eventually venture out to run a few errands. Getting out of our street was a slippery sliding event, but once on the main drags it was just slushy and wet. Same thing we found driving to and from work. Driving to work we did have one overloaded evergreen branch dive to the shoulder about 100 yards in front of the car.
At work it was different.
Those that had been involved in the “response” in person, working 12 hour shifts, were understandably tired, and yet still adrenalized. Those of us responding from afar were in a more normal work state. We had power at work, unlike many others, and by the end of the day, only two of our facilities were still powerless.
We have been debating whether we got power back much sooner than estimated because we put out a conserve water message to the press. It was not so much that we were running low on water, it was to reduce the number of times we had to refuel generators to keep the sewage flowing in the right direction. (Downhill is not always the correct direction.) The original thought was 4 days without power. Reducing that to 1 day – amazing. Fuel is usually our big problem during these windstorms.
The most exciting thing in the office was when the snow started sliding off of the higher level of our double tiered metal roof, and landing on the lower tier. Each time there was a huge thud. The first time it happened we thought a tree had hit the building (as it had during the 2006 storm). This would happen over and over throughout the afternoon. Just keeping us on our toes.
Day 6
Saturday dawned for us really early, before the alarm clock early.
The predicted winds arrived with loud gusts that shook the house.
I do not know how to gauge wind speed, but this was several big gusts in a row.
When we finally decided to get up we found that the wind and warmer temps had significantly reduced the snow hugging trees, cars and fences.

Rain and wind have cleared much of the snow

We expect the snowpeople to last for a while as they are on the north side of the house. But the rest should become puddles as the temperatures are in the high 30s to low 40s.

Looking like February/March Snow in Michigan

I am not sure that we can declare this the end of the storm.
Wind is destined to be the next big culprit, especially in the outlying areas with more big trees. And the rain that loosens the roots for easier tipping.
I will end my weather centric reports here (I think). For those that want a closer meteorological view on the weather, check out this blog.
Next blog I will get back to our work cleaning out this old house.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    WIND?? Haven’t we been through enough? If we lose power again, you’ll hear me screaming all the way from Puyallup. Seriously!!

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