We slept in

(Until 8 or so)
After that it was pedal to the metal.
That is to say we started working, and kept at it.

The busy time actually started the night before.
We got together with a few friends and walked around Green Lake.
This was the special night where they (volunteers) put luminaires around the entire lake.
They were expecting 10,000 folks. (So I hear.)
There were many, many folks. The not raining always helps, and it was a fairly dry night.

Then it was out to dinner at a sort-of new restaurant. (The Olympic)
I had never been to the restaurant, even though it is just a few blocks away.
In fact, it had to be rebuilt after a fire.
As it turns out, I had been to its sister restaurant (The Olympic II)several times, most frequently as part of pizza parties at the end of soccer seasons.
I had a lamb shank with delectable potatoes, lemon chicken soup and a salad. Carl had greek lasagna (with spinach), there were a few pizzas and another lasagna to round out the repast.
This ended with our friends presenting Carl with an unexpected “gift”. Payment for the daycare he had provided earlier. He knew about the delayed payment, but we had both forgotten about it. A nice surprise.

So after getting out of the warmth of bed, Carl buckled down to complete the final for his computer class. I am not sure he is literate (computer), but he has come an amazing way from the start of the semester.

I buckled down to the task of wrapping presents, especially those that must head east.

Finally it was time.
Time to face – THE MALL.
And we were off. (In the car for the first time this weekend)

We went late afternoon on a Sunday, so we hoped that most shoppers would be tired out from the weekend, and kids would be demanding dinner. The mall was not empty, but it was not over-crowded either. We traipsed from end-to-end on our journey, and in the end found what we had gone for.

Then it was home to drop our prizes, and off to the Green Lake School Christmas Tree lot.
We had about 45 minutes to spare before their posted closing time.
We did OK. Not quite a Charlie Brown tree. And a wreath to boot.
There have been years when we picked from the last 6 trees on the lot. In fact, they were not on the “lot” anymore, but propped against the fence for anyone to take. Carl, however, went inside the school and made a donation to the PTA.

The tree has been installed in the stand, but I think that is as far as it will get tonight. (Water has been added.)

So all in all it has been a busy, but basically productive day.
That said, there were so many things on my weekend to-do list that did not get touched.

4 Responses to “We slept in”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    I am trying to avoid The Mall at all costs. Except that the Apple Store is there and about the only thing on my list this year is a new phone.

  2. regenaxe Says:

    I went to the mall on Thursday, after utter frustration online. It was not even crowded, since I went when most people were at work. I hope that trip will do it mall-wise for this year.


  3. Margaret Says:

    You got LOTS done! I’ve avoided the mall and am finished, but I am a bizarre shopper. 🙂 I hate browsing and despise crowds. For as much of an extrovert as I am, that’s pretty weird, eh? So, your East Coast girl isn’t coming home? Ours is headed here on the 17th. It’s been cold–but I love the clear skies.

    • raincharm Says:

      The girl is coming home, on the 20th. Then skipping north for two days. So I guess we really get her on the 23rd.

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