Christmas Ships

As I was driving home tonight I had some time to observe my surroundings.
I left late enough that traffic was light.
It was also late enough that I had to scrape ice off of the windshield to drive.

They have put in several informational signs along the freeway.
Tonight’s offering was, “DUI Patrols Tonight.”
As I was driving under the sign a State Police car passed by.
About a minute later I caught up to the State Police, with a paying customer on the side of the road.

Continuing along the freeway I came to the I-90 floating bridge.
As I was heading west on the bridge, a parade of Christmas Ships was heading east.
My first sighting of the season.
I would have taken a picture, but my phone was stowed, and it would have been illegal to find it and use it – and there were those extra patrols around.

When I got home I found that Carl has started the decorating in earnest.

Mantle - 2011

One Response to “Christmas Ships”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would have loved to see those ships–never have!! I went out to pull in my car and it was icy. BRRRR!! The mantle is looking great!

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