Yeah, Cardinals!

The World Series is always fun. We get together with friends for most of the games.
Last night was no different, and we had snacks and chili. And TiVo, which meant that we could all get there from our respective daytime pursuits, and pause to get food ….. And we had almost caught up to real time as the game ended.

This morning, started as many mornings do – with the need for a shower and hair wash.
So I am washing my hair, and “Ka-BOOM”

I knew right away that the metal waste basket in the bathroom was involved. (Very old style, a remanent of the former owner.) I mumbled something and in my head immediately blamed Carl. I assumed he had thrown something in there. (Why hand it off when it can be thrown and caught, is his motto.) But there was no further sounds, so I peered around the shower curtain. Apparently when I got conditioner out of the conditioner bottle I had moved it just slightly toward the edge of the tub, and that was enough to send it slipping, slowly, over the rounded edge. The wastebasket happens to be next to the tub, and so was the receptacle of said conditioner bottle. Now, it did not just slip in, the bottle did a full somersault, ending bottom down, pump up, and the wastebasket was moved about two inches.

[I realize how dull my life is, when this is the major point of my morning.]

Oh – and the eagle was hanging out next to the bridge this morning. I wonder if he/she was waiting for the sun to come up and illuminate the fish better.

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