OK – suffice it to say it has been a very strange day.

  • Braces manuever took three technicians
  • Furnace – new blower motor for $900 or new furnace for $3200-$5500 (depending on model, efficiency, etc, etc, etc)
  • Kids kicking kids during a game on a playground and the other parent doesn’t think an adult who suggested they should stop the kicking should intervene, “They will work it out for themselves.” “Yes, perhaps because the less agressive kid will probably just stop playing this game, and miss out on the fun – because they were being kicked and the kicking kid would not stop by themselves.”
  • Software is a tool. But if you are not the primary user of said software, don’t be surprised if they take away the tool because they (the primary user) doesn’t understand that you do use it, believes in fact that you do not use it, and doesn’t really care that you don’t have another readily identifiable means of getting the data you use from it. (Unless you rebuild the old spreadsheet you used before you had software that got the information for you much more automatically.) Don’t worry – you can just estimate the time you spend on tasks better than if you ask your folks to enter the actual time they spend. Because they won’t enter it properly, so the data you get really has no meaning. (Yes I am sure my WAG will be MUCH BETTER THAN data that is not 100% precise.)
  •  Teachers get tired of having students that don’t type quickly.
  • Earthquakes will happen. I work in an are on a fault, next to a big fault, and it will be my fault if we are not ready to react. But don’t worry, my WAG will let me know how much time I spend to not be ready.

OK – enough. I needed to write it down.

And one of the potential contractors is helping me get information about furnace alternatives.

(I probably shouldn’t post this, but I don’t think anybody that it would offend will read it.)

2 Responses to “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgh”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Kick that “other parent”.

  2. regenaxe Says:

    I like KW’s comment, unless said parent is wearing steel-toed boots.

    I always make SWAGs rather than WAGS, b/c I’m just that silly.

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