Land Rich

If you read my last blog you may understand why I had not posted for a week. I had also not kept up with most other family/friend blogs that I check out.

I was checking through a cousins blog and learned that I owned land in the Yukon. A square inch. My elder sister seemed to be aware of this, but I did not remember this fact. (Neither did my mother, so I don’t feel so too badly.) I googled the Dawson Creek Square Inch and found it has quite a little history. The land came via Quaker Oats Puffed Rice or Puffed Wheat cereal. I do remember eating those cereals as a youth. Apparently I didn’t pay my share of the taxes, and Canadian authorities reposessed the land. (Sorry Pooh.) An interesting read.

This is a story about a bathroom, a Mountie, several hundred tons of breakfast cereal, a Canadian senator, a television game show, a murder, 21 million square inches of Yukon Territory land, a severe case of frostbite, and an advertising campaign that should have died 20 years ago – but didn’t.

Pooh, if you want my piece of land, I will sell it to you for $30. (It’s a deal – read the article)

3 Responses to “Land Rich”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Something smells fishy here. First you say your land was repo’d for back taxes, then you want to sell it to me? –Pooh

    • jay Says:

      I did not mean the land, I meant the land certificate. But since Mom is not a hoarder, I am not sure where to look. Ideas?

  2. regenaxe Says:

    I hadn’t read the link yesterday, only your post. I think Dad showed the certificates to me, when I was maybe 10 or 12. Who knows if they are still around. Maybe.


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