Another BUSY weekend day

I am going to count the weekend as starting Friday evening.
It started slowly – on the bus.

Both Carl & I were fairly exhausted when we arrived at the baseball game.
(YES, it is still baseball season. Football? What’s that.)
Luckily, the Mariners made this a fairly entertaining game.
There were 4 3 homeruns, 3 2 fairly close by.

The other team started the game off with the first, and closest HR.
It actually hit a woman down the row in the leg. Her boyfriend picked it up and gave it to a kid, who threw it back on the field. (This always bugs me a bit. We are not the Cubs where it is a bleacher bum tradition. And when you throw it back they take it and give it to somebody in the expensive seats.)
A bit later, Ackley (our 2nd baseman) hit one to the next section over. The Buhner Babe Amy, who has the Ichiro Meter in the front row, caught it over the gap between the field wall and the  railing in front of the seat. This is legit, because it is over the outfield wall. But Jeffy Effey (Francouer) hit Amy’s glove and the ball ended up in his. It really was an amazing play. Amy came over to our seats later and complained that he had stolen it from her. (Jeffy did throw her the warm up ball an few innings later.) If you watch closely it goes off of her glove into his. And his reach pushed hers aside, so if you think she would not have caught it, without him there I think she would have.

And then there was an Olivo (Ms catcher) home run off of the left field foul pole. This was one of three parts of the cycle that Olivo ALMOST got. The missing piece? A single. He just couldn’t quite get the single bit. And when he hit the triple (after the homer and double) you just knew he knew he had a chance for history. I didn’t know catchers were allowed to run that fast between 2nd and 3rd base.

And there was the debut and first major league hit by the Italian player, Liddi, and a catch over the tarp roll, … It was an entertaining game.

So today we have family arithmatic, cape making, Seattle Sounders, Carl’s first Playoff game and a Mariners game. I guess I had better get busy.

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