We both did two bits of exercise today.
One separate, and one together.

Carl got up and at em first.
Out the door to meet up with his baseball buddies for Church of Baseball.

The 5 Amigos. Actually 1 Amigo, Kevin, Chuck, Rob & Carl

He was out before 8 AM and back a bit after noon.

The 3 Wannabees

Jay got up second.
But went to the basement and road the bike for 1/2 hour before making coffee.
(Fit a shower in there too.)
Then took the coffee and paper out to sit with Blackie.

Blackie is the dog next door, and her owner was going to be away for most of the day.
The weather was spectacular, so no need to be indoors, but want to have some company.

After a bit, including a healthy back scratch, I retired to the table to work on the crossword puzzle. (Blackie was really being no help at all.) Luckily Rey called and was able to help me finish the bits I was stuck on.

It was finally dinner time, so we went for our second exercise of the day.
A walk (of course).
To, around, and back from Green Lake. (4.5-5 miles)

We contemplated dinner abroad, but decided to eat at home.
The planned pork chops in apple did not materialize due to the lateness of our arrival back.
Instead we are dining on spaghetti and meatballs (not homemade – or it would take longer than the pork chops) No garlic bread in the house. We could go for garlic nan, but probably have enough here to satisfy for the evening.

And – tomorrow is another day with no alarm – YEAH.

One Response to “Two-a-days”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Well, what do you expect? You gave Blackie the back scratch first. If you wanted her help on the puzzle, you should have held out on the back scratch.

    Saw a t-shirt today that made me smile.
    “My drinking team has a Lacrosse problem”

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