9 miles

Our primary goal today was to not wake up to an alarm.

The next goal was to take a walk and run some errands.
We started out heading south to the post office for some stamps.
This was OK, but all of our other errands were north.
In the end this added about 2 miles to the total.

There were some other incidentals along the way, but our real goal was to get material to make two capes. We are working food service for the Breast Cancer 3-day walk. This entails serving breakfast and dinner to the 2000-3000 walkers and crew during their 3-day experience. They like to have a theme – and food service is Super Heros. So we are making capes.

Carl is going to be Captain Woo-Hoo.
He has always claimed he can’t woo-h0o with the rest of the folks cheering on the walkers.
So we are trying to make one of those “record yourself” greeting cards say Woo-Hoo, and somehow affix it to his cape.

I don’t know who I am to be. Just Super I guess.

As I have probably noted in the past, I don’t really sew (that would be in my older sister’s and several cousins’ genes). I mend. Should make for an interesting project.

While we were up north we decided to check out the Best Buy. Our 10-15 year old DVD player has been pixelating everything. Our video genius friend said the player is on its way out (not just needing a cleaning). So – we bit the bullet, and bought a new one. (Man are they less expensive than the last time we got one.) Of course this meant we had to carry it home, but it was not too heavy.

When we got home we figured we had maybe gone 7 miles.
The last bit was quite hot, and not much shade.
Summer has finally arrived in Seattle – in September.

When I finally got out the map and measured – 9 miles.
We feel a bit better about being tuckered out when we arrived home.

A few things we saw along the way.
In the QFC (food store where we got a sandwich for lunch), “Frozen Bags.” I don’t know why the lable didn’t mention what was inside the frozen bags.
A bomb shelter entrance.
I stumbled upon an article about this bomb shelter a few days ago. It is not too far from our house. Holds 200. This is a more interesting write-up (from my reading), and it has a link to some pictures of the interior.

To all those at the cabin.
I am missing you, and missing being there.

One Response to “9 miles”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I didn’t wake up to an alarm either–but tomorrow will be different. UP earlyish to get up to Bellingham to help Alison move some stuff into her new apt. Sometimes I HATE having an SUV with seats that fold flat! 9 miles is a LONG way. And a bomb shelter? I’d never heard anything about that.

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