Just a day

Our day was relatively, well, normal for us.

Trying to get caught up on the home paperwork (bills, checkbook, etc).

A baseball game – Carl’s team.

Now this got interesting. His team, new for him this year, has not won a game all year. Carl was pitching, and they got up 4-1. But, alas, the lead did not hold, and they lost 6-5. A few fielding errors were the main reason. [Carl might add that the strike zone was less than consistent as well.] But it was fun to be out playing games.

The team went out for pizza afterwards, with a few wives and kids in attendance. A satisfactory ending for those over 50, playing a game they love.

We topped off the pizza with stop at Baskin-Robbins.

Then home to watch a Midsomer Murders episode.

Fall into bed with a little SNL. (So I could see who Jason Sudeikis is. Ashlan served him a sandwich a week or so ago.)

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