And we’re off

Started by picking some raspberries to take with us.
Since they are about a month late, we are now going to miss some of the harvest.

The bus was not too crowded, and the train had plenty of places to sit.
The plane, on the other hand, was full.

We arrived at the airport a bit early, and saw that the USA vs. France game in the Women’s World Cup was just at halftime, USA 1 – France 0. I tried to get the game streaming on line in the waiting area, but was stymied in my normal methods. A woman across the aisle had it going, and when they scored I would run over and check out the replay. Along with me were several rather tall women who were sitting in the next row of seats. It wasn’t until I looked one of them in the eyes after watching the replay, that I realized I was looking at Sue Bird, and the tall women were the Seattle Storm WNBA team.
(Final result USA 3 – France 1.)

It started a bit late, but we seemed to be making up time.
The seatbelt sign was lit for most of the trip, and in the second half both Carl & I thought a trip to the loo would be in order. But there was the small matter of the seatbelt sign and the rather large person sitting between us and the aisle. We had just decided to manage the trip the next time the seatbelt sign turned off, and the loudspeaker asked for any medical personnel to make themselves known.  And could everybody stay in their seats so the people who need to move around, can move around.

As it turned out, a young girl (teenager I think) had come out of the loo ashen white, and then swooned. And further, her seat was directly across the aisle from us. They eventually led her back to her seat with an oxygen bottle in tow.

And when we landed, everybody waited in their seats so the paramedics could get through. They led her off, and then deplaning began.

There was a rush for the bathrooms by all of us that had been waiting for a couple of hours by then as we hit the terminal. The terminal had a fair amount of plywood in evidence. When we found our hosts waiting with their new steed, they reminded us of THE TORNADO from a few short months earlier. We then noticed that there really was a large amount of plywood at the airport. Inside and out.

Note the brown windows - except one transparent pane.

Dropped the bags and out to dinner at Blueberry Hill. We passed a new statue of Chuck Berry on the way to the restaurant. And who was playing at the restaurant later that night? Chuck Berry himself. We did limit ourselves to dinner, and then a walk around the area.

Bob Gibson's star in the Loop Area

Oh – the weather. We thought we were going to double our temperature from 55 degrees in Seattle to 100 degrees in St. Louis. BUT it was only 88 when we landed.

Tomorrow is supposed to be equally “cool” so we should survive.

2 Responses to “And we’re off”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like an exciting flight! No bathrooms for that long would be tough–but it happens. Go taste the macaroni at Cheese-ology on the Delmar loop if you have the chance. The son of a blog friend of mine owns it and the food sounds fantastic. Enjoy that lovely “cool” weather. 🙂

    • Jay Says:

      We walked past Cheese-ology after our meal at Blueberry Hill. Unfortunately did not get back that way today, and tomorrow we are off. But we did put it on my sister & bro-in-law radar.

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