Baseball’s Carl H

That is what several of Carl’s friends call him.
It is mostly based on his encyclopedic knowledge of minutiae that only a select few will want to hear. But many of those select few (is that possible) have found him, and like to hang out with him.

This occurs most of the time at Mariner games.
But there is another side, that is much closer to his heart – playing the game.

After a few years layoff, followed by a comeback – including a dislocated elbow, followed by another layoff, we are now in yet another comeback year.

Here are a few, slightly blurry, pictures of Sunday’s game.
The windup, and the pitch.

This was followed by a snag of a line drive back up the middle. YER OUT. But I was not fast enough to catch the catch.

Tale of Carl’s part of the game:
7 Innings, 14 hits, 4 strike-outs, 1 walk, 2 hit-by-pitch. 4 runs scored, of which 3 were earned runs.

It really is good to get out and play games. It is a great place to get to know people that share your love of that sport, but maybe nothing else. Good exposure all around. And even the old geezers can make some pretty nice looking plays from time to time.

And then it was off to work – desk work.
Today I got to spent half a day visiting sewer lift stations.
And it was nice out. And the adventure was not too odoriferous.
I will admit after almost 24 years in the business I am not grossed out by looking at sewage, but it usually smells more to me than it did today. Even Inglewood was not too bad (that’s for Ashlan).

2 Responses to “Baseball’s Carl H”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Looking good! Sewage–yuck.

  2. regenaxe Says:

    As the bumper-stickers say, “Sh!t Happens”.

    (Sorry, Mom)


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