Time flies at warp speed

I can not believe it is almost halfway through 2011.

There is a project I intended to start in January and finish by February, and I now HOPE to get it started next week.
There is barely time to breath.

And yet, there are those moments between activities when I do stop, and do something totally not on the list of things to do. Like a Sudoku. Or read a blog.

I think the next two weeks need to be peddle to the metal.
That includes work and home errands, and a few ball games thrown in for “fun”

No really, they are usually fun.

Although I have had it about up to here (see hand high up in the air) with Braves fans. Carl blames TBS for their number. I don’t know how many actually travelled from Atlanta.
Actually, many have been very nice, and cheering for their team as they should. But then there are those that feel they need to be confrontational about it all – nah-nah in your face.

Today is a day game, and Carl and Lillian are attending, with seats in the King Felix section. Felix Hernandez, 2010 Cy Young Award winner is pitching. There is a section where your ticket price includes a yellow King Felix t-shirt, foam crown and “K” card. They cheer as a group, and the participation appears to be pretty fun.

We did not have our regular seats today – my boss is playing hookey and taking some of his family to the game.

WELL -back to work.

3 Responses to “Time flies at warp speed”

  1. Sammy Says:

    Those wacky Atlantans!

  2. Margaret Says:

    It seems like 2011 just started. It’s been a crazy half year. I thought it would be better than 2010, but it’s not shaping up that way. 😦

  3. gene Says:

    I trust you do know that it’s pedal to the metal. You hadn’t intended to sell it.

    Mom ( as usual)

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