A Day of 2s

Today I got up, twice (more or less).
Once when the alarm would normally go off, and in fact did, and then again when I woke up again and got out of bed.

Then the 2’s started.

2 Games – Sounders (soccer) and Mariners (baseball)

The Sounders won – 2-1 over the New England Revolution.

We got to sit in Row 2 (well Row B, but it was the second row) instead of Row H where our tickets are located. The Row B ticketholders also have 2 seats in front of us and wanted to have 4 together today, so we swapped tickets.

The Mariners won – 2-1 over the Florida Marlins.

After spending 2 hours biding her time between games (a little work, a little telephone chat) it was time to get into the ballpark.

I got to enjoy Batting Practice by myself – truly unusual.
Carl was playing a game himself between the soccer and Mariner game, but since the stadiums are just a block apart, Jay elected to stay downtown. And none of the other usual BP suspects were anywhere to be found.

Spent a bit of time at the bullpen watching Pineda and a second pitcher throwing.
A ball from BP ended up in the bullpen, and the catcher tossed it to ME. I gave it to a family standing next to me. (I think the Dad was more excited than either of the kids.)
They stopped throwing, so I moved to the drunk tank area, and watched them hit from the upper level. A ball was tossed up, and I got my hand on it, but it bounced off (no mitt – bad me).
Then they opened up the rest of the ballpark, so I moved over near our seats.
Since I did not have a mitt I planted myself 4 rows from the back, in the center of the section, and took out a book to read.
I was on about page 35 when the sound of a ball hitting the seats about 5 rows in front of me caused me to look up. I saw the ball bouncing over me, landing 2 rows behind.
Then as a fellow from the last row was trying to climb over the rows to get to the ball, I waited as it rolled down 2 rows – and I picked it up. I kept this one.
As Carl would say – I got 2 this evening.

The game was an away game for the Mariners, played under National League Rules
Played at home because U2 took over the Marlin’s stadium.
And yes, the Mariner’s pitcher got a hit, a double.
The winning run was scored on a wild pitch, during an intentional walk in the 10th inning.
But not a walk-off – an away game, it was actually a pop-out that ended the game.

Yes – way more information than most would want, but I thought the kids might be interested.
And me getting 2 baseballs in batting practice, and my hand on a third really is unusual.
Especially when I wasn’t really trying. I guess years of hanging around the rest of my family has finally rubbed off.

One Response to “A Day of 2s”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would be afraid(with all those balls) that I was going to take one in the face next. I’m superstitious that way. When we went to bed, the score was 1-1 in the 9th. 🙂

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