Empty Nesting

We have had two full days now of empty nest.
Nothing has changed.

That’s not really true.
What hasn’t changed is where all of our house’s debris is located.
Except a small, but heavy, amount that should be winging its way toward the east coast.

Back here at the ranch, life has continued – work, work, work, and a little play.
If the WORK part will slow just a bit, maybe there will be progress toward at least organizing the debris around the house. As always it is probably easier to start with a room, but I feel the need to start in the lower reaches of the basement – where the, “most likely to be discarded,” debris lives.

If the temperature would rise above the 60’s I might be more tempted to spend time in the cool depths. July 5th (Seattle’s traditional summer start) is still a bit in the future, so I will have to use willpower to get me downstairs.

Oh – Ashlan, we still need to measure the basement. Weekend home to help?

3 Responses to “Empty Nesting”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    My junk removal project over the last year? About 3 steps forward, 10 back 😦

  2. Margaret Says:

    Empty nest for you as well? We have them in and out, bringing much mess and chaos in their wake. πŸ™‚

  3. regenaxe Says:

    When I read your blog yesterday, I read it as “winging its way to the East CLOSET”, not Coast. Hmm, maybe I should clean my glasses.

    Junk removal at our house is a never ending battle. No, that sounds too dramatic. How about a series of intermittant skirmishes? Maybe, an occasional foray across an unguarded border? I think I need a nap to come up with another metaphor.


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