Oh the places you’ll go
Dr. Suess

She was ready. Freaked, but ready.

The Gathering of Ones Things

Packed before 11 PM the night before.
Up at 6:30 AM
Off to the airport by 8 AM, with only a few tears all around.

We only had to remove a few things from the bags to meet the 50 lbs each limit.

Packed for adventure

And then she was gone from sight.

Each person approaches lives changes in their own way.
Ashlan tends to have an idea, arrange it so it can happen, and then take the leap.
I know I took off when I was her age, but I think I was not so brave.

3 Responses to “Launched”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Did you take the weights out, or the yellow chair? 😉

  2. jay Says:

    the weights. No, really. But that was before we left for the airport.

    And Mom, yes there is a wordo (that is a word that sounds about right, but not actually the write word). I noticed it, but am not going back to change it now. I am frequently trying to fit in the blog between this and that, and don’t take time to proofread.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Ashley loaded her suitcases with books and then was SHOCKED that they would be overweight. Good grief.

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