Wild Weekend

Well a mild sort of wild.

One full of activities that leave you falling asleep rather easily afterward.
It really seemed like a wild week overall.

Travel, party, wonderful weather, sports, …… packing.

All true, except perhaps the packing part.

I will admit that the packing part has been delayed by all of the other activities that inserted themselves into our weekend. Saturday we were party central. Sunday was sports central. Carl had a baseball game, we all had the Mariners game (Ms won), and then Ashlan and I had a soccer game.

Then it was home for some food, visit with Rey (skype) and a bit of TV via dvd.
(I am not sure I can say that Ashlan fully participated in the last bit … although she was in the room.)

There has been packing, and unpacking, but today the packing must be completed.

That’s right! Tomorrow is moving day – at least for the little one.
So the last week and a half is culminating tomorrow morning (for us) and tomorrow evening (for her).

Perhaps tomorrow evening should be viewed less as an ending, and more as a beginning.

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