A Beautiful Day for a Party

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.
Started cool, but warmed up quickly. My first day in shorts this year.

And we had a party.
That was after the yard work, Mariners game, shopping trips (2) and general cleaning.

The party was for Ashlan’s graduation and going away.
A smattering of neighbors, friends, and co-workers.
Folks that have seen her grow up.

We had some pictures around, and diplomas and mortar boards from both Kindergarten and UBC.

Smackeral type food plus tater-tots. An amazing amount of food was eaten, and yet we still have a full refrigerator.

A champagne toast (sparkling cider for the little kids) during which I teared up, and when everyone was taking a drink Jet (5-years old) announced, “Naked Butts!”

Most has been cleaned up, although dishes still remain.
That is for tomorrow – which is supposed to be gorgeous again!

Sorry there are no pictures – it just didn’t happen.

2 Responses to “A Beautiful Day for a Party”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    “naked butts” = “bottoms up”, or it that just a Jet suggestion for the next party game?

    Where is Ashlan going? Is it NYC, or did I just imagine that?

  2. Margaret Says:

    She’s going to NYC? What will she be doing there. (or does she continue someplace else from there?)

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