A walk, lunch, and some time in the SUN

What was that big yellow orb. Unobscured by clouds.
Sunscreen required.
So nice to sit out in shorts and a t-shirt.
And then need to move into the shade to cool down a bit.

OK – has winter really been that long in Seattle??

Yes! I checked the weather for Seattle tomorrow on our return.
Surprised? NO! 50’s and rain.

Well, it is supposed to get into the 70’s on Saturday – so there will be something to look forward to.

Some pictures from our walk today – before the camera battery died.
I have relatives with “real” cameras, and these are just a point and shoot with limited zoom.
But here they are.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We saw a pelican, osprey, blue heron, ducks, meadowlark (we think), redwing blackbirds (lots of them), small yellow birds, and a rabbit and a snapping turtle. Some of them are in the preceding pictures. Some are not, and some will not be recognizable for what they are. But it was a very enjoyable walk, and if we lived here this would be on a frequently visited list.

To complete the day there was lunch at Coopersmiths.
They make their own beer, so this was sort of like visiting another brewery, although the tour was very limited, and I don’t think they have any horses.
Then the aforementioned time in the sun, followed by dinner and more chatting. (I will admit to missing a bit of the chat as I struggled to stay awake. Too much sun.)

Off to bed as tomorrow we must arise in time to head back to the dampness we call home.

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