This Buddy is for You

The highlight of today’s wild west adventures was touring the Fort Collins’ Budweiser factory. Carl, Doris & I partook of the 1 hour, 1 mile tour and beer making lesson. At the end Carl also pointed out that I was drinking beer before noon. WELL IT IS A VACATION. I tried Land Shark, Carl had Shock Top and American Ale. Both Carl & Doris also sampled the Bud Light Lime. And the Clydesdales are really big. Jackson was the horse I was closest to, and he was huge.

I know for sure this is at least the 2nd Budweiser tour I have been on, with the other in St. Louis. But I am sure I remember another tour of a liquid refreshment plant. One where the can loading machine stuck and things were piling up together. (Help me out here family folks.)

Carl and I were planning to tack on a separate walk after the tour, but when we completed our taste testing it was pouring rain. So back to the ranch for lunch. We also mended pants and sorted CDs through the afternoon.

Then it was time for dinner. Leg of lamb, potatoes and peas with mint. Jeanne and Steve certainly know how to put on a dinner.

Basically we got to spend the day with family – chatting and catching up. Really the point of the whole vacation. Family = Bob, Doris, Jeanne, Steve, Carl & Jay. Good times.

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2 Responses to “This Buddy is for You”

  1. jane Says:

    I believe you’re referring to the Busch Gardens in FLA beer tour, a long time ago. We would have been staying in Tampa with ‘big’ Joyce. My favorite beer tour E-V-E-R.

  2. regenaxe Says:

    “Tell me again, Daddy, how do they make beer?”
    –the most requested bedtime story for quite a while.

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