Chatting With the Boy

Just in case you ever start to feel disconnected.

I was chatting (on a cell-phone) with the boy this evening.
He related this basic story.
He was enjoying relative dryness as thunderstorms passed in the not to distant area.
Warm outside he was reading a book.
        The dusk was arriving, so reading outside was no longer an option.
                Going inside he went to turn on a light, only to realize the light was already turned on.
                 Except there was not light.

No power. Apparently those thunderstorms were doing their job, just a bit distant.

  • So – no reading inside.
  • No internet
  • Certainly no TV (although this is not a power problem)
  • And the cell phone battery is dying.
  • And so did the conversation.

Other than that I found out that he ate especially well on Easter. Twice.
And – for Ashlan – he now has a dresser.

And for us, we have a sink that now drains. Quickly.

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