Tale of Today’s Game

(Earth Day) T-shirt only!

This is a Mariner’s game (of course).

Did I mention that it got up to OVER 60 DEGREES today!
Definitely the warmest day this year. (Unfortunately I spent most of the warm afternoon working.) But here at the start of the game it is warm, and we have expectations that we could even win. Scored first.

Add a Sweatshirt

And then the sun went down (almost). The sun was not shining into the stadium any longer, but it was shining through the stadium. Third inning I believe. We may have been tied at this point.


And then the chill arrived. I don’t know how cold it really got, but I was cold. It was not anywhere near as cold as the games over the last week. But we had no rain, and more importantly no wind. (Sorry about the bluryness. Maybe Carl was shivering.)

The Mariner’s lost. 9-1.

Carl held up pretty well. He had all his ducks in a row.

And a frog.

In other less exciting news – the kitchen sink is clogged.
We did manage to find a snake, and tomorrow we plan to use it.
We will get one of the smaller sewer rats and put it down the side sewer, and then release the snake. Then the snake will smell a rat and work it’s way through the clog to reach its dinner.

One Response to “Tale of Today’s Game”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Maybe if you’d started the game wearing all the clothes, and ended up in just the T-shirt, the Mariners would have won 9-1.
    Also, I’m glad you have that MS in Hydrology, b/c I never would have known that you need a small-size sewer rat, in addition to the snake.
    Love, your sis

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