Pathways of the Mind

So I am at work this morning, reviewing a Sewer Plan by a consultant we are considering hiring to do a similar task. Straight forward enough – and I should be able to focus and move through the plan.

This particular plan is for a City that includes a college.
It is a college town in the true sense that I think the college population represents more than 1/2 of the total population.
Anyway, several years ago we went on a college trip to this town.
We got a hotel to spend the night during our visit.
The hotel was, well, a bit strange and a bit ookey.
Carl has a college reunion of sorts (Soccer Team) planned for the fall, in Champagne-Urbana.
It is going to take place during Homecoming Week.
The planner has alerted all that hotel rooms could be hard to come by.
Carl is trying to determine whether any friends were planning to go, that we might want to try to get a joint room/suite.
If we don’t act relatively soon, and even if we do – we could end up in another slightly strange or ookey room.

It is lunch break now – but I need to get back to my plan review, and rein in my mind from wandering.
The planner of his

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